Safe, efficient, flexible load testing, wherever you need it.

Since we pioneered the technology in 1979, WATER WEIGHTS® water-filled proof load bags have become standard equipment for load testing and monitoring in the oil and gas industry. They’re now also used extensively in shipping, defence, power plants, dams and many other applications.

Water is the ideal resource for testing all types of lifting equipment and load-bearing structures - it’s available everywhere. That means that with our systems, you only have to transport and store light, flexible containers. Our bags typically weigh less than 2% of achievable load - the other 98% is locally-sourced water.

The technology is simple, safe and adaptable, which means you can deploy it practically anywhere - indoors and out, on and off shore, at your home base or on the other side of the planet.

The use of WATER WEIGHTS® is recognised worldwide as the only solution for proof load testing and monitoring, and as the originators, we’re proud to offer the most safest comprehensive and flexible range of bags and associated equipment.